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Building Management
The objectives of official postgraduate programs respond to the demands of the European Higher Education Area to pose a high quality specialist knowledge and scientific and professional competencies. On this basis, the purpose of this Master is the professionalization and initiation in research work in the field of Building Management.
With the content offered in the Master's program is intended that students receive the education they need to retrain, acquire extensive knowledge and job skills to enable them to meet the demands and requirements established by the construction sector, and the acquisition the capacity to carry out research that will enable those who want to continue their studies, conduct secured a doctoral program in any of the research training program.
The Master in Construction Management within the graduate program "building. Technology, Research and Development" can be completed by several degrees. Although the degree of Technical Architecture and Engineering Building is the one with direct access to the title of Master, as curricular design profile is formed as specialization of these professionals.
As an industry Building strong and yet so different in several aspects, such as, job placement variable, diversity of trades, materials and technologies, ... etc., Is trained technicians needed for this work, being These connoisseurs of materials and technologies themselves, also have the ability to manage critical aspects such as quality, safety and economy in the industry field above.
The management of an industry that just can standardize their costs are constantly changing depending on your product, its location, its design, its materials and its market variables, make the management and building a subject worthy necessary, given its uniqueness in this industry, to be studied in depth.
Currently involved in various technical field with very specific functions, for which there are duly approved curricula (Architects design with clear role and address conceptual and technical architects to address the functions of implementation and technical control of the materials and their commissioning work).
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